Sunday, September 7, 2014


Hello guys!
Today I want to show you one of my august's outfit.
Honestly, I didn't think so much time about "what to wear".  I knew that I want to wear this T-shirt (because it's green - I loove green color, and I love this 'nerd' on it) and skirt. What about sneakers... The just look perfect with this T-shirt (because of the color of course). And I wore my new mirror sunglasses - I'm in love really, they are perfect.

And, I know that you can't see these things very good (you'll see it in one of my next posts) but I have Casio watch and pandora on my arm.

T-shirt - Terranova  // Skirt  - H&M  // Sneakers - Nike  // Backpack - Eastpak  //  Sunglasses - Ray Ban

Hope you enjoyed this post.
See you soon.


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