Sunday, May 18, 2014

Grey can be different

Good day!
Today I wanna show you one of my latest look which was very grey. These grey things (I mean pants and cardigan) have not simple grey color but grey with a bit of blue.

This absolutely cool cardigan I have found in my grandma's wardrobe and it was made by my mum.

The star of this look is ASOS heels. When I saw them for the 1st time I said: "They are should be mine anyway!". They are very interesting. Their form is very unusual. And I really love combination of different texture and materials. Here you can see 2 types of grey leather - something like suede and "simple" leather.  And my favourite detail of these shoes is lace part. These heels look very big and a little bit rude but very nice and girly at the same time. So, I'm obssesed with them.
Hope you enjoyed this post.

Cardigan - hand made  //  Top - no name  // Pants - no name   // Shoes - ASOS
P.S. I should say that colors on these pictures doesn't look 100% like in life. Every part of my look which looks like "white" wasn't white at all. It was cream color.

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